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CA.mail - Overview

The CA.mail services are sunsetting in December 2017.

The CA.mail service provides customers with email and related messaging services that are reliable and secure. This service is based on client-server architecture. The servers contain all mailboxes (in-boxes, calendars, contacts, deleted items, sent items and tasks) and public folders. This service provides virus protection, spam filtering, data backup and recovery, connectivity to other email systems (including Internet email), and the statewide global address list.

CA.mail Highlights
Multiple access methods:
  • Outlook client
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Mobile Devices
  • Exchange Customer Administration Tool (ECAT)
Backup and restore Comprehensive data migration
Antivirus and spam filtering


  • This offering is sunsetting in December 2017


  • Rancho Cordova


Maintenance Schedule

CA.mail Model Comparison CA.mail Model Comparison

Feature/Component Full OWA Only
Outlook Client Included -
Outlook Web Access Included Included
Storage Optional Optional
Backup for DR (Retention is 7 days) Included Included
Compliance Archiving/E-Discovery Optional Optional
ActiveSync Included Included
Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam through Trend Micro Included Included

Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features


The following components and features are standard specifications for CA.mail.


The following components and features are standard administration for CA.mail.

Optional Components and Features Optional Components and Features


The following components and features are optional specifications for CA.mail.

CA.mail Rates Rates

CA.mail is comprised of the following rates.

Date updated: December 29, 2016
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