(Future Service) Oracle Database as a Service

Oracle Database as a Service provides Customers integrated Oracle databases, database servers, and storage servers within a single enclosure utilizing a high performance fabric for communication. The database servers, storage servers and network are pre-configured, pre-tuned, and pre-tested ensuring all components work seamlessly together which reduces or eliminates the efforts typically required to architect and deploy a traditional system.

Oracle Database as A Service Highlights
Ability to connect multiple database servers to form a larger single system image configuration. Scalable to support enterprise data growth.
Optimized for data warehouse and online transaction processing (OLTP). High performance fabric connecting database and storage servers.


  • This offering is classified as a Future Service

A Future Service refers to the OTech's service life cycle, where the service is not yet available for Customers. Specific details regarding the service including specifications, administration, rates, and estimated availability are subject to change before the service is available to Customers.


  • Rancho Cordova

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