Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Overview

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) service is a cloud based management system for mobile devices that utilizes Exchange Active Sync, to provide a secure, robust, and flexible platform to manage your mobile device workforce. MDM is a service enabling Customers to centrally manage (i.e., to distribute, install, and maintain) and secure mobile device data, applications, configurations and policies including applications that allow Customers to track device locations. MDM is provided on a fully managed and hosted, shared-use multi-tenant platform. The system is device and carrier agnostic. Although MDM is provided by Verizon, the service supports multiple carriers and device types.

MDM Highlights
Hosted environment that frees the customer from additional server costs and support. System set up in line with the customer existing security policies.
Advanced application management and distribution capabilities. Dedicated Verizon help desk team supporting a help desk to help desk model.
Selected self-service functionalities for the customer help desk and user. Standardized email client across all mobile platforms by deploying the Nitrodesk Touchdown client to each device.
Ability to wipe entire device or just corporate data allowing the device to be reset back to factory settings or only delete the data pushed out by MDM. Enforce security compliance - MDM pushes customer-defined security policies to the devices to enforce security passwords and other restrictions such as disabling cameras, iCloud, Siri, etc.


  • This offering is classified as an Emerging Service


  • The service is offered at vendor sites. The primary and backup data centers are located in Texas.


Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features


The following components and features are standard specifications for the Mobile Device Management service.


The following components and features are standard administration for the Mobile Device Management service.

MDM Rates Rates

The Mobile Device Management service is comprised of the following rates.