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California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN) - Overview

CGEN services provide the California State Government WAN connectivity through vendor owned and managed equipment. The vendor manages from the customer's LAN to the vendor's routers in the CDT iHubs. Customers can access the Internet, CDT facilities, customer servers and applications hosted at CDT and other State departments. CDT is the owner of record and manages the provisioning of customer connectivity. Customers are still responsible for their own local area network (LAN).

CGEN employs Layer 3 advanced Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which is any-to-any access and supports Quality of Service. Where applicable, Layer 2 transport can be used. CGEN is reliable, scalable and secure and leverages the vendor's ability to keep CGEN current with technology and industry standards.

CDT will continue to manage the network infrastructure that supports CGEN. This infrastructure includes two interface hubs (iHubs); each one being in a different geographic location and local access transport area (LATA) for diversity and fault tolerance. One is located in Sacramento and one in the Bay Area. A third iHub will be installed in a southern California LATA. The iHubs are the gateways to servers located at CDT and to the Internet.

The CGEN managed service is gradually replacing CSGNET. CSGNET is comprised of either CDT-owned or customer-owned access equipment and CDT  manages the WAN. Once all CSGNET customers are migrated to CGEN, CSGNET will be retired.

CGEN Highlights
24 x 7 CDT Service Desk and vendor support coordination Supports inter-departmental shared services
Vendor network operations centers Improved network security for departmental privacy
Customer site WAN access Internet access
Customer access to services provided by CDT Remote office access to services
Customer visibility into their CGEN resources Vendor-provided web portal and reports for each customer to monitor their own network connectivity, usage, and incidents.
Access to customer owned equipment at CDT facilities iHubs deliver customer traffic to customer servers and applications hosted at CDT


  • This offering is classified as a Current Service


  • The CGEN service extends Customer site network access to the CDT data centers.


Maintenance Schedule

Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features


The following components and features are standard specifications for the CGEN service.


The following components and features are standard administration for the CGEN service.

CGEN Rates Rates

The Rates Methodology for CGEN is based primarily on pass through of vendor charges to the customers. Fees for managing the vendor, assisting with provisioning (CDT Fee), and for providing and maintaining the iHubs and Internet access (iHub/Internet Fee) are added to the vendor pass through. Until the current network, CSGnet, is completely de-populated and retired, a CSGnet Retirement Fee is also added. This particular fee will be eliminated once CSGnet is fully decommissioned.

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Date Updated: November 21, 2016
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