California State Government Network (CSGnet) - Overview

California State Government Network (CSGnet) is a diverse statewide network architecture comprised of eleven (11) Point-of-Presence (POP) sites located in metropolitan areas throughout the state. OTech is the owner of record for CSGnet routers and circuits, and is responsible for the management and operation of the statewide network. CSGnet is being replaced by the California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN).


  • This offering is classified as a Sunset Service


  • For those customers not yet migrated to CGEN, the CSGnet service extends customer site network access to one or more CSGnet POP site locations for access to the statewide backbone. The backbone provides access to OTech hosted customer applications, the Internet, other state departments and agencies, external business partners, and California counties.


Maintenance Schedule

Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features

Optional Components and Features Optional Components and Features


  • Remote Access
  • WAN Encryption
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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