Domain Name Service (DNS) - Overview

CDT is the primary authority for the CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US domains, administering and maintaining the DNS for state and local government entities (e.g., city, county, police or fire department, reclamation, water district, etc.) operating within the State of California. CDT is also the primary authority for several IN-ADDR.ARPA domains, as delegated by the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).

DNS - Highlights
Domain Name Service registration and administration for "CA.GOV" and "STATE.CA.US" domains. Coordination of registration renewal.
The primary zones are delegated to CDT. Delegation of sub-domains (e.g., to a government entity or to an Internet Service Provider).
Management of the primary third-level domains for government entities. Delegated primary zones associated with the CDT customer base.
Delegation of third-level domains to a government entities and outside Internet Service Providers for the CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US domains.


  • This offering is classified as a Current Service


  • CDT administers multiple redundant DNS servers located in Northern and Southern California.

Standard Administration Standard Administration

Enrollment Process

No enrollment is required. Government entities can submit DNS administration / maintenance requests to CDT.

Existing OTech Customer
New CDT Customer

DNS Rates Rates

There are no charges for DNS administration / maintenance requests submitted to CDT for CA.GOV or STATE.CA.US domains.

Date Updated: November 21, 2016
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