Fiber Ring Service (FRS) - Overview

The Fiber Ring Service (FRS) is a CDT managed network service that is a component of the California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN). The FRS connects a Downtown Fiber Ring with both CDT Data Centers. CDT manages the network infrastructure supporting the FRS. This infrastructure includes optical transport and network equipment designed with diversity, fault tolerance and scalability. Access to the FRS is provided with redundant distribution routers and access equipment located at a Customer's downtown facility. Customers are still responsible for their own local area network (LAN).

FRS Network Architecture

The FRS is not a service provided on the CALNET 2 Contract and requires customers to submit an exemption from CALNET. Interested customers can find the Enroll in FRS instructions in the administration section of this service which includes how to submit an exemption request. Also, the FRS is offered to CGEN customers as a secondary/redundant connection due to "Best Effort Emergency Maintenance".

FRS Highlights
24x7 Monitoring, Service desk and Operations Center Two geographically separated exit points
Multi-protocol services, Ethernet and Fiber Channel Multi-rate customer connections up to 10 Gb
1+1 Core and Distribution redundancy at Physical, Logical and Network layers Supports single or complete redundant customer connectivity
MPLS enabled IPv4 and IPv6 enabled
Point-to-point to Tenant Managed Services (TMS) Premium or TMS Basic Internet access
Improved network security for departmental privacy


  • This offering is classified as a Current Service


  • The FRS is located downtown Sacramento and between CDT data centers in Rancho Cordova and Vacaville. It connects various office buildings occupied by State agencies. See the Specifications page for details.


Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is scheduled during standard CDT Preventive Maintenance windows that can be viewed at the link below.

Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features


The following components and features are standard specifications for FRS.


The following components and features are standard administration for FRS.

AIX Rates Rates

The FRS is a very cost-effective service for customers in buildings that have direct access to the Downtown Fiber Ring. Below is a link to the monthly costs for each connection by available speeds. In addition to monthly connection costs, there are monthly reoccurring hardware costs. Contact for hardware costs. There is also a one-time installation cost of $1,500.

Date Updated: November 21, 2016
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