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The California Project Management Office (CA-PMO) provides centralized services to assists customers in managing Information Technology (IT) projects. The PMO team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide expert in project management. The scope of services provided depends on customer needs and may include point-in-time project consulting to full on-site project managment. The team works with customers to determine project needs at the planning and development stages.

Computer Network Defense (CND) Services

The Computer Network Defense (CND) team's services assist in developing comprehensive cyber security strategies to meet the specific business needs of state and local governments. The CND conducts an assessment of a customer's network to help identify the overall security risk and improve compliance with regulatory requirements.

Information Security Program Audit

The Information Security Program Audit team provides expertise to evaluate compliance with security policies, and performs objective validation of procedures and security controls. Consultants conduct confidential examinations, interviews and testing based on federal and state security standards.


The Information Technology Project Oversight Division (ITPOD) conducts independent project oversight on information technology (IT) projects.  Oversight managers analyze organizational and project conditions and assumptions and make recommendations concerning approval on project requests.  Oversight managers also provide feedback on planning documents and other project artifacts, issue written and verbal project oversight reports, and assist in developing appropriate risk and issue mitigation strategies. The ITPOD also assists and directs state entities through the Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL).

OTech Consulting Services

The OTech provides information technology (IT) Consulting Services to assist Customers with developing IT solutions to meet their program and business needs.

Security Services

The vast majority of the Security Services enjoyed by OTech customers are included in the general Services provided by OTech as a whole. There are on-request Security Services that are available beyond those "built-in" services. These can be requested through your OTech customer representative or through an OTech Service Request submittal.

Statewide Technology Procurement

The Statewide Technology Procurement Division (STPD) conducts independent project oversight for state project acquisitions of information technology (IT) and telecommunications goods and services. STPD consulting services include formal acquisitions, contract reviews, addendums, and non-competitively bid contracts. Consultants review and recommend approval of project proposal requests and planning documents; create project oversight reports; escalate risks and issues; and assist in developing appropriate risk and issue mitigation strategies.